It gives us immense pleasure to announce the launch of MY INTRO a new platform created by DIVAZ MEDIA. The concept, one of its kind, will empower an artist with an ability to present themselves by creating their own short introduction videos called ‘MY Intro’. The platform holds the potential to make such videos go viral using multiple social media platforms and other media channels that will help promote an artist, entirely free of cost.



Creative artists always face the challenge of promoting their talent in the real world. Our aim is to aid such artists and promote their creativity while creating breakthrough opportunities for them to show up their real capabilities, skills, and talent. ‘MY INTRO’, a unique platform will allow artists to harness the power of technology and encourage them to promote their creative skills, at zero cost, fostering growth and enhancing their credibility. This will enable creative artists with a formidable way to garner popularity effectively



With a glorious past in the entertainment sector, Divaz Media (the arm of Divaz Entertainment Solutions and Divaz Business Solutions) stands tall with a prowess across the digital media & creative industry. Ideated by Divaz Media, ‘My Intro’ is a unique concept that provides one of the best ways for creative artists to promote themselves. The platform is a pure dedication to creative Artists including but not limited to dancers, models, singers, actors, and comedians among others. An industry’s first, ‘My Intro’ allows such artists to promote their talents on the platform entirely free of cost by developing a creative introductory video that has the potential to go viral through various social media platforms.