Bateithymmai Nongrum – A New Era of Singing

Bateithymmai Nongrum

Hailing from a little village of Umthied Bynther in West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Bateithymmai Nongrum’s magic voice has gained her a place amongst skills from across the country in the reality show, ‘Yes I Am’ hosted by Zing Channel TV in Bombay.

The internet has played a serious role in the seek for talents all over the country. it was through the web that Bateithymmai got the possibility to gave her audition online, where she was subjected to a series of other auditions to determine the depth and credibility of her voice.

It was on February 12 and 13 when the young singer was asked to perform LIVE in Bombay in front of the judges, where she succeeded and has been selected to compete within the Mega round of the ‘Yes I am’ reality show. Her magical voice gained the fame within no time and now she is preparing for more challenged that would come across her. Bateithymmai is indeed a young talent in the musical country like India and now she aims to compete on the talent shows hosting music competitions. She specializes in music genres like Pop, Rock, World music and Underground etc. She has released many albums with her own songs and people have loved the songs and her voice

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