1)  How to make videos of Introduction?

Ans: Start your Introduction video with Smile, Greetings, Name & Occupation. An introduction video should announce your topic, provide context and a rationale for your work. Mention your interests and your career goals in video. You may want to mention your professional training background if it is relevant & appropriate. After finishing your introduction you have to mention “Thank you divaz media My intro for giving me this opportunity” this sentence.

2) I have never made a video before, so how do I start?

Ans:  Do not scare! Some of the viral videos are taken & shared by a person like you, with good quality camera phones.

3) Can I ask help from someone else while making a video?

Ans:  Yes! You can ask help from your family, friends and others and their opinions too while making the introduction video.

4) Age limit is required for making & sharing introduction videos?

Ans: There is no age limit for making introduction videos. Anyone can share about themselves who are related to the entertainment industry.

5) What will be the time limit for the Intro videos?

Ans: Videos must be 2 to 10 minutes, with good camera quality. Videos over 10 minutes will not be accepted.

6) Which languages we can use to create videos?

Ans: Videos should be in Hindi & English. Anything recorded in another language should be subtitled.

7) Can we make videos from our cell phone?

Ans: Yes! You can make your intro video by using your cell phones, but with good camera quality. If the quality of your video is not good, then we will not viral & publish it, because this is your introduction videos and also your first & last impression. Please insure clarity & sound in the video.

8) Can I use my old videos which I had created for other projects?

Ans: We are looking for original content and we will not accept old videos that are already uploaded by other websites & channels.

9) Can I appear my friends & family members in a video?

Ans: Because this is your introduction video. So you cannot appear your friends & family member while making a video

10) Can I do mention about other projects OR can I promote other website, channels, product & about the third party?

Ans: No! You cannot mention other projects or promote other website, channels, products & about the third party. This type of videos will not be accepted.

11) Can I use background music, contents or other materials in a video?

Ans: Be creative but keep in mind decency must be maintained. Your video must be appropriated – no bad language, nudity or anything like that. Avoid illegal copyrighted materials, videos containing vulgar or inappropriate content. You can’t use someone else’s videos or music(background) without written permission.

12) What will be the format of making the introduction video?

Ans: Your videos should be in landscape mode with good camera quality.