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My intro | How to promote YouTube channels?

My intro | How to promote YouTube channels? Step By Step

How to promote YouTube channels?

  1. Choose Google-friendly keywords

A YouTube channel starts with great Search Engine Optimization. And great SEO begins with an understanding of what users are mainly searching for.

It turns out; people don’t just look for the videos on YouTube, they also use Google too. YouTube was the second most popular search term on Google in 2018. Google now prioritize videos over other content for many other searches. There is no such any set of rules for which the keywords will help your YouTube video rank well.

  1. Use concise, descriptive titles

The title is the first thing that users see when they find your content. And if it is not punchy, it might be the last. So, here are some of the primary tips for writing the YouTube titles:

  • Keep it sweet and short: The most popular YouTube videos tends to have the shortest titles. So, stick to the 60 characters or less.
  • Include your keywords in the first half of the title to avoid losing any of the valuable information.
  • Most online readers focus on the beginning of the sentence and skip the rest. The best headlines offer an obvious benefit or create an emotional reaction.


  1. Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails matters a lot, maybe even more than titles. That is because our brains are hardwired to notice visuals first. We process them in just less than 13 milliseconds, according to the study. YouTube produces the automatic thumbnails for all the videos, but they can be blurry or even the out of focus. To boost views, create eye-catching custom thumbnails for every video you post.

  1. Optimize your descriptions

YouTube has a great tutorial on how to write effective descriptions for the videos. So, here are some of the key points of it:

  • Stick to 5000-character limit
  • Front load your keywords in the title and description.
  • Add links to the relevant playlists.
  • Include some of the relevant hashtags. And be sure to follow the YouTube hash tagging rules before you post.
  • Create a “content page” with the timestamps that help the viewers find what they are looking for.

You can also mention the different keywords in the video itself. But just like with text, people mainly lose attention quickly. Use a couple of keywords at the time of a brief intro for the best results.

  1. Create high-quality videos

Poor video quality can undermine even the best content. So make sure that your content looks much more professional before you post it. Use a decent camera, do a sound check before recording, and learn some of the basic editing skills.

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