Mrig and Mrigankshi – A New Era of Dancing

Mrig and Mrigankshi

Mrig and Mrigankshi Joshi is a powerful duet in the recently organized talent reality show ‘YES I AM’. The energy level of these two is incomparable to anyone else in this show and they are winning thousands of hearts across India.

Mrig and Mrigankshi are basically from Surat and they are one of the youngest talents in YES I AM. Dance steps of these two are like professional dancers and as said before, energy from both of them is giving an inspiration to hundreds of kids and their parents who are willing to choose their career as dancers.

Mrig and Mrigankshi have proud parents too. They are becoming famous too due to the ultimate duet kids they have. Also, they are proud of their kids that at this early age, they are getting trained for a beautiful career ahead.

Other than their performance at YES I AM, Mrig and Mriganskhi are also performing in the local events because the show has provided them a better platform to showcase their talent in front of the millions of eyes. Today, they are getting invitations across the places to come and perform at their event. No doubt the cuteness level is extreme with this duet.

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