My Intro | Anuradha More: Persona full with beaming confidence

My Intro | Anuradha More: Persona full with beaming confidence

The confidence and assertiveness are her strength. Her performance is a solid punch of creativity and serenity. The emotions are pearls, which flow in her dialogue delivery. Yes, here we are talking about none other than Anuradha More, who is an actress cum dancer.

Born in Nagpur, she had done her graduation from the prestigious Nagpur University, Maharashtra. This winter capital of Maharashtra is blessed for being a birthplace for such a fantastic talent. During her college times, she saw an act which was performed by a disabled girl with extreme artfulness and dedication. This was an inspiration for Anuradha, which started her journey of we can say her dream for acting in TV shows and movies. This dream took her to the film city aka ‘Sapnon ki Nagri’ Mumbai. The charm of ivory towers set its image in her heart. The film sets captured her innocence and filled them with a desire. That burning desire would eventually come out for her making her presence in the industry. Although singing and dancing are her hobbies, still the art which had always fascinated her the most is acting only. She started her career from theatres and progressed to TV shows and movies with her favourite actresses. At the time of Doordarshan channels, she performed in various films with the likes of big production houses like Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, Balaji Telefilms etc. She had worked both in Hindi and Marathi media. Such a multi-talented artist is rare to find. She had also worked in numerous TV shows which are more than 50 like Tammana, Yeh Hai Mohabatein, Yeh Kahan aa Gaye Hum, Lajwanti, Udaan etc. These were her beaming and glorious performances in TV shows.

Her passion for acting is commendable and due to which she had faced many difficult situations in her life full of confidence and energy. She always wanted to have the positivities of her favourite actresses like of Shri Devi, Smita Patil, Hema Malini etc. she adores these people and wants to be like them. Her passion is enriched by working in the industry, and she is blessed that she is following her dreams. Her motivation comes from her family, and she wants to showcase her art and talents to the people. The portrayal of such an elegant set of skills will surely be a motivating step for her helping her in reaching her goals. She is humble and down to earth person and is also active on social media like Facebook, where she connects with her fans, taking their suggestions and improving her charisma over the shows.

Divaz media being an avid promoter of artistic talents and love would like to extend our heartiest greeting to Anuradha More for her future endeavours. Her skill sets are excellent, and they entertain people to the fullest. The art is never meant to be suppressed. Instead, it is intended to be showcased vividly to the people so it can be appreciated. We would continue to support her, and her popularity and fame are surely going to rise to new heights.

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