My Intro | Chunnu Mehra – A Versatile Actor

My Intro | Chunnu Mehra – A Versatile Actor

Chunnu Mehra:

Chunnu Mehra is a 50+ old actor who has played various roles in movies. Mostly he had portrayed his skills through showcasing negative characters in the movies. His immaculate skills were played in such a way that the audience used to hate his character. And this is a validation for the person playing a negative character in a show. He has done his higher studies from Kalicharan Degree College, Lucknow. He is a humorous person who loves acting and producing shows.

He has done various TV shows and movies including theatre arts. Some of his films include Krantiveer, Duplicate, Benaam, Zakhmi Dil, Guru etc. the intensity from which he captures his character is overwhelming and unflawed. The TV shows in which he has performed are CID, Savdhaan India, Crime Patrol, Hum Paanch, Padosan etc. He has also acted as a voice actor and is interested in productions line.

His instinctive acting looks natural and is garnered by his portrayal of emotions. Few people have these artistic talents as an intrinsic part of their existence. Chunnu Mehra is one such character. His dialogue delivery to his presentation attitude carries a unique sense of style distinctively visible to the audience. With such an aura and charisma it seems inevitable to accept his presence. While playing a negative role he gets completely immersed in the evil character that people detest his presence.That’s a sort of validation for these type of characters. And he is a skilful master of this art.

Divazmedia promotes these art forms and urges fellow members of our time to fully support these talent-rich people who spend their lifetime entertaining us through their constant devotion to the art shows.

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My Intro | Introduction by Chunnu Mehra – A Versatile Actor