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My Intro | How to create and use hashtag on social media?

My Intro | How to create and use hashtag on social media?

How to create and use hashtag on social media?

Once upon a time, the ‘#’ was just a simple pound sign or the hash mark. But then the social media bird flew into the scene and turned this mundane symbol into an online power of sensation. Nowadays, no matter whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media channel, you cannot simply escape all the encompassing presence of the #hashtag. But what exactly is a hashtag? In case you are wondered but were too afraid to ask, we have also come up with a clear and concise explanation of everything which you need to know about the phenomenon of the Internet.

Not just only that: once you have mastered the “What”, you will also probably want to know that “how” to use the hashtags. Strap in because the addictions of social media keep on increasing. If you are relatively new to the game, we solely understand that at first glance, the hashtag might seem so much confusing. But once you have understood them in a much more better way, then you will see that they are powerful tool to grow your social media impact and even engage your audience, and that too cost $0, if you are much more advanced, then you might want to know how to optimize your hashtags, in order to raise the brand awareness to get the much more customers. So, follow this for the complete guide on what are hashtags and how to use them in a more efficient and effective way:

What is a hashtag?

With the millions of images published every minute on all the social media channels, it can be so much hard to stand out amongst the crowd. The possibility for your post to be seen is not that promising unless they are one of your followers. That is where the hashtags come into the picture. A hashtag is just a keyword or phrase which is preceded by the hash symbol, written within a comment or a post to highlight it and even facilitate a search for it. Moreover, by including the hash marks in your post, it can be indexed with the help of a social media network so that it can be discoverable to everyone, no matter if they are not even your followers or fans.

Why should you use hashtags?

Thanks to the hashtags, your posts are not just limited to just your followers. By adding one of these bad boys, your content will only be accessible to all other users who are also interested in similar topics who search for your hashtag. Choosing the right hashtag can even greatly broaden the reach of all your social media posts to millions of potential followers, customers or even for the fans. For example, if you have a healthy juice bar, it can be tempting to go for the obvious #fruit, but beware! With more than a million posts and even growing the chances of being seen are as slim as a banana peel. Now if you throw on a more specific tag like the #Instagram, you’re looking at the better odds. This is all the more relevant with the new latest update on the social media channels, where you can follow some of the specific hashtags just like you would companies or friends. So, it goes without saying, make sure that you don’t slap on any of the words.

Three powerful families of hashtags to use on social media
Content hashtag: If you are totally new to the hashtags, then firstly consider using some which are directly related to your service, product, area or market of expertise. We can call them the ‘content hashtags’ because they even relate to the content that your content would be naturally associated with us. As you can also imagine, they will greatly expose your brand to the potential customers on those social media channels who were not previously familiar with your brand. For example, if you use the content hashtag related to the websites, such as the #photography, #SEO #SMB #Content.

Trending hashtags: Another great way to simply boost your brand visibility is with the existing hashtags that have grown some of the popular among the millions of users, which is also known as the “trending hashtags”. Before you add the ‘#’ symbol to a trending topic, remember to first ask yourself whether your social media posts are even adding the value to the existing conversation. Value can even be interpreted in many different ways: a unique piece of information, an original look of opinion at what is going on, or simply a funny statement or photo. If your posts do not add any value, then it is highly likely to be ignored and lost in the plethora of posts. If increasing awareness of your brand. Moreover, trending hashtags are a lot of fun! It can even range from the holidays to random spur of the moments games.

Brand specific hashtags: Sometimes, the problem with the use of the generic popular hashtag is that your posts might be lost in the noise of the hundreds of messages with the same hashtags. Hene, it is a good idea to create your own dedicated ‘brand specific hashtags’. These can be used for general branding, contests, marketing campaigns, events or promotions. The key to creating effective branding memorable. For general branding, use a short tagline or the motto. At the time of creating marketing campaigns specific hashtags, always make sure to give users a completing incentive to use them. For example, you could get users to posts with a campaign specific hashtag to stand a chance to get the offers or win prizes. In return of it, your brand stands to benefit from the major viral marketing publicity.

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