Start your Introduction from Greetings -:

1) Hi / Hello / Namaste

2) Your name? (Mention your name)

3) Where you from?

4) Where do you live?

5) Who you are, tell us about your position?( Example: I am a Dancer, Model actor, singer etc)

6) Tell us about yourself? (Anything about you)

7) What experience do you have in this field? (Dancing Modeling, Acting, Singing etc)

8) What inspires you?

9) Who is your favourite Artist (Dancer, models, Actor, Singer etc) & which Artist  or celebrity you want to be like?

10) What you are known for?

11) What attracted you to begin a career as an Artist? (Dancer, Model, Actor, Singer etc)

12) What has been your greatest accomplishments as an Artist? (Dancer, Model, Actor, Singer etc)

13) Have you progressed in your career as you have expected?

14) Apart  from this, if you want to share more with us then you can.

15) In the last, you have to say “Thank you Divaz Media & MY Intro for giving me this opportunity through which i can tell to audience about me”

Thank you!