Raghvendra Chauhan – A New Era of Artist

Raghvendra Chauhan


Raghvendra is from Nagpur and is known as the fastest painting artist on the talent reality show, ‘YES I AM’. The reality show recently made some of his videos viral and we can see how fast his hand moves on the canvas.

The 26-year-old artist is not only known for his fastest hand on the canvas but he is known for his talent to have sketched any celebrity on the canvas within seconds. His talent and skills are worth mentioning the World Record books and he proves from time to time.

On top of the things, he is also known as India’s only Blind Folded Speed Painter which is a unanimous thing to mention that we haven’t yet come across with such skills in a human. Magicians do some things blindfolded, but an artist having such a talent is not about tricks. This one is pure talent.

YES I AM gave a global platform to Raghvendra because this show is dedicated for giving a chance of showcase to the pure talent and skills. Raghvendra is indeed thankful towards YES I AM show and recently he has been living in Mumbai to pursue further training from renowned artists in Mumbai

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