Top 10 best performance video

Participants can get prizes based on their Cool Moves videos.

Highest comments on videos.

Get the highest number of comments on a video published on the website. Our team will analyse the comments and will select the winner.

Highest voting videos

Participants will get prizes for highest voting on videos which submitted on the website. We analyse votes gather on the website.

Highest "Love/heart reaction" on videos

Participants will get prizes for highest/most “love/heart reactions” on videos which are submitted on the website. We will analyze “heart reaction” on the website to shortlist the winners.

Highest sharing videos

Participants shall share their videos through My Intro website. Winner will be shortlisted by the Highest number of shares on videos.

Visit & Win

Visit and Win by commenting on participants videos. We will pick the best comments from Participants video and provide random prizes.